Luraco Care Chair

Providing therapeutic medical massage chairs to care for the people who care for our communities.

For Our Heroes

The Luraco Care Chair Program is designed to provide relief, relaxation and rejuvenation for our social service heroes. Law enforcement, fire fighters and rescue workers work tirelessly to care for our safety and wellbeing. The Care Chair is our way of showing our appreciation for the sacrifices they make. We invite you to join us in this noble endeavor as a participating sponsor or a Care Chair recipient.

Law Enforcement

Committed to maintaining law and order and providing public safety.

Fire Fighters

Dedicated to combating danger and hazardous situations.

Rescue Workers

Devoted to assist in all emergency conditions.

American Made!

Luraco is proudly made in the United States of America. It is the only massage chair in the world that is manufactured in the USA. It is registered with the FDA as a medical massage device and is the only massage chair in the industry that holds (UL) Underwriters Laboratory certification for safety.

Because We Care!

To request a Care Chair or participate as a sponsor please submit the form below.

Type of Request

Let's Talk!

Feel free to schedule a conversation to discuss your Care Chair needs. If you desire to receive a Care Chair or are interested in participating as a Care Chair Sponsor, I am here to help. Simply click the link below to schedule an appointment.

Robert Nelson

Hear From Happy Luraco Users

Listen to what people have to say about Luraco Medical Massage Chairs.

Jim Ross
Mayor of the City
Arlington Texas

"The Luraco massage chair is great AND it is made right here in the American Dream city of Arlington, Texas!"

Dr. Michael Olpin Ph. D.
University Professor
Stress Management Expert

"Luraco chairs are amazing. We've had them at our university's stress relief center for years and their the top choice among our students. We've been collecting data to see just how effective these chairs are, and based on what we've seen, I am confident, that if the results could be turned into a pill, it would be the most popular stress relief medication on the market."

Michaela Jordon
Fire Department 911
Communications Supervisor

"In this line of work, we have to deal with a lot of stress, with call after call happening. It causes a lot of added pressure and tension. I believe that everyone that does this kind of emergency work should have a tool, to help them deal with the stress of this job, like the Luraco massage chair to relieve the pressure and improve their performance!"

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